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The Bobat Wholesalers journey began in 1975 when young Yousuf Bobat identified that there was a gap in the market for the distribution of Men’s and Ladies Wear within South Africa.

With his determination, persistence and innovation, he began building the foundations and laying down the ground work towards what would later become a thriving family owned business. Nearly 40 years later, Bobat Wholesalers has grown to become a sought after name in the industry of ladies corporate clothing and high fashion. The focus has moved from Men’s Wear to specifically producing practical and modern Nurse Wear, Corporate Wear and High Fashion. The growth of the business has allowed us the heart-warming privilege to have employed a total of fifteen staff members who are all a part of the creative process of our clothing as well as the Bobat Wholesalers vision. We are fully committed to tackling job creation and solidifying our brand as a proudly South African one by outsourcing all work to reputable South African companies. One of our most gratifying accomplishments is being able to provide people with well-deserved opportunities.

Our pride and joy lies in delivering clothing of constantly improving high quality, made from only the best textiles. We intertwine our success with the level of customer satisfaction and each one of our customers is treated with individual care and attention because without you, our team and business would not flourish.

Being a family owned business, we hold close to our hearts the notion of family and unity within the business and team. The level of service and quality along with the integrity of our authentic relationships within the company have led us to becoming the preferred supplier within the industry. We have committed ourselves to consistency and dedicated ourselves to a positive outcome for each and every interaction. When it comes to fashion, we continually strive to be ahead of the trends, always bringing something new to our clients ensuring we deliver on our promise and most importantly deliver trusted and quality garments every time. The vision of Bobat Wholesalers is to perpetually make every effort to go beyond our customer’s expectation and continually be the most sought after name in Corporate and Health Care Wear.


To be the largest clothing manufacturer in South Africa, having created a reputable brand that produces quality clothing at the best price.



To satisfy our customer’s needs for quality products, through teamwork and continuous improvement. Bobat Wholesalers will strive to be a profitable, growth-oriented company that treats its customers and employees with respect and care.




At Bobat Wholesalers they offer garments that are exclusively designed, professionally fitted and transforming of all wardrobes into fashion forward ones.

You can rest assured knowing the garment you choose will be one-of-a-kind, and tailor made just for you.


Bobat Wholesalers supply their garments at the best price possible as they are committed to providing quality garments at budget friendly prices so as to ensure all individuals are able to experience a Bobat Wholesalers garment.


Bobat Wholesaler's service is unparalleled and the quality of their goods undeniable.

They continuously strive to deliver innovative service delivery ideas to ensure they remain a cut above the rest.


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